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Choosing Small, Medium or Large Wedding during Covid19?

We all may have different ideas regarding the wedding size. Some would call 100 guests a small wedding while others say this amount of people constitutes a large one.

The average wedding size is often culturally specific and subjective. For example, the typical number of people at a European wedding is 80-100 guests. However, in Africa or Asia, you can expect 300-500 guests and even up to 1,000 guests for a large wedding,

COVID-19 pandemic has changed our perception of this matter. These days when planning a summer wedding, we have to consider not only our own social needs and budget but also the official guidelines on how many people can attend the ceremony and reception.

Small Wedding and Micro Wedding

A micro wedding is an intimate ceremony and event with less than 20 people. There can be as few people as the couple, two witnesses and the officiant.

Micro wedding features all the components of a traditional wedding, but on a smaller scale. If a tiny summer wedding appeals to you, look for a wedding venue that caters specifically for micro weddings to experience an intimate and cosy atmosphere.

A small wedding has around 30-60 guests. Even if you have a different opinion on what is small, keep in mind that when a wedding venue says that their space is perfect for a small wedding, they mean they can comfortably hold not more than 50-60 guests.

When planning an event, make sure to have a little bit more space than needed. Nowadays, you especially don’t want tables standing too close and guests feeling packed in.

Medium Wedding

A medium wedding will host from 60 to 150 guests. This number of people let most couples invite not only immediate and extended family but also all their friends plus ones.

Most Irish weddings will fall into this category, so most planners, wedding venues, and caterers will work within 80-100 people as their benchmark for an “average” wedding.

Large Wedding

A large wedding is an event with more than 150 guests. You’ll have to look for such wedding venues as big hotels, large barns or stately homes with grand ballrooms. If you plan to host more than 1,000 guests, you will need to search for conference and banqueting halls and employ caterers and photographers with similar experience.

What Size Should I Choose?

The main factor has always been your budget. One day of your life may not be worth a mountain of debt. The first step towards defining the size is writing down your dream guest list. This way you will understand what kind of ceremony to aim at.

Another factor is COVID-19. Currently, only 6 people are allowed at the reception if indoors. However, since May 10, it will be possible to have up to 50 guests at a service. Still, only 6 people are permitted at an indoor reception or 15 people at an outdoor reception.

The number of guests at the reception will increase to 25 guests from June 7. Your summer wedding is likely to be small even if you dream of a much bigger event.

Our ideal wedding can be of any size depending on our social and cultural background. Some of us would like to celebrate this life event with all our family members and friend, some of us would rather keep it intimate and cosy.

However, if you are planning a summer wedding, you don’t have much of a choice. This summer you can only invite a maximum of 15 to 25 guests for an outdoor reception. Think of it as a great way to save up some money or, on the contrary, give a richer experience to fewer guests. You can always postpone it or have two weddings instead of one if having a larger ceremony is your priority.

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