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Three First Communion Dress Ideas for Your Girl’s Big Day:

Communion is a holy ceremony that calls for a celebration when a catholic child, mostly seven to eight years, chooses to attain the path of the teaching of God. The churches normally hold services for this grand event where a group of children of similar ages is given their first communion. In such instances, the children are supposed to be dressed according to the church's guidelines. Boys usually wear bow ties and nice slacks while girls wear white gowns. However, the first communion party can be a private event where your friends and family are invited to bless you in this holy ceremony.

It doesn't matter whether the event is a public event at the church or a private communion party; the only thing that matters is your child's dress. The first communion dress of your child needs to be perfect; it has to be elegant, simple, and age-appropriate, as a communion party involves religious sentiments and customs. If your child is a bit plus size, it becomes difficult for you to get the right communion outfit for your little one. Every child wants to outshine their big event, so we have a variety of outfits that can make your child look the best.

We at dressmaker make sure that no kid is left out, that's why we offer plus-size dresses to make your child look her best at her first Holy Communion ceremony. If you are looking for plus-size communion dresses, here are some ideas for you. Our collection is available in plus sizes here; we have picked some best-sellers to help you find the ideal Holy Communion dress for your girl.

Plus Size Bodice with Lace Applique Dress:

If we go according to the traditions, then a white gown is expected to be worn as the communion outfit. So if you want a plus size stylish yet modest dress for your child, then this dress is the one you should get. This plus size dress is a knee-length gown in the satin bodice with lace appliqué, it's an epitome of modesty and elegance, and we have appropriately designed our dresses for the holy event; that's why our dresses are fully lined with net linings.

Lace and Satin A-line Dress with a Bow:

Usually, it's considered that the first communion dress should be simple and beautiful. This special gown on our list is a timeless communion dress made of a sequined lace appliqué bodice and satin skirt. The knee-length A-line gown has special features like cap sleeves and a beautiful waist, making it attention-grabbing and stunning.

White Organza Tulle Dress:

Your child’s first communion dress doesn’t need to be bridal-like or showy, but adding a little embellishment doesn’t harm and can do wonders to the overall appearance. This plus-size lace appliqué bodice has dramatic features like organza sleeves, a fully lined tulle skirt, an illusion neckline, and a satin bowtie. White represents modesty; that's why it's considered to be worn at this holy event, and most of our designs are rather in white or ivory. This white tulle dress is sheer elegance and a perfect fit for your young lady.


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