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4 Outfits Ideas to Nail a Wedding as a Guest

Weddings are undoubtedly exciting; they involve everyone; the moment you receive an invitation for a wedding ceremony, your mind starts deciding what outfit you will wear on the big day. So, picking your attire for a wedding as a seasoned guest can be confusing because you don't want to look stunning and wow-worthy but also appropriate to the event.

Gone is when dresses were the only choice we had but not now as we can almost wear anything to a wedding be it a jumpsuit, skirts, midi-dress or anything the secret lies under how you don the outfit. No matter what you pick to wear, one thing you need to be considerate about is that you should not outshine the bride by wearing any shade of white lace dress.

Below, we have sorted out some outfit ideas for you that you can wear to any wedding.

Floral Satin Mini-Dress:

Since we are in the middle of summer, it's probably the right time to add vibrancy to your wedding attire by donning the floral satin Mini-dress. Mini-dresses are not only strikingly appealing but are equally elegant for a formal events like weddings; the colors and print of your dress will brighten up the day for everyone around and will get you an envy-worthy silhouette. So, never ignore a floral mini-dress in your wardrobe whenever planning to attend a wedding.

Pleated or Plain Silk Midi-Dresses:

Midi-dresses are trendy and true head turners for any event. These dresses are not only supremely-elegant but also super comfortable to wear for long events. There are countless midi-dresses ideas for weddings, such as floral printed, pearl-embellished chiffon midi-dress and even 3D floral midi-dress. Just style your exotic dress with a pair of high heels and a classic bag, and you are all set to grab all the good attention on the big day. It's highly suggested that you always have one midi-dress ready in your closet when wedding season arrives, as it would make you stand out in any wedding.

Blazer with Wide-Legs Matching Pants:

Sometimes you don't want to wear traditional dresses; you want to wear something more casual. For such instances, a pantsuit can also be super glamorous and appropriate for a formal wedding. A blazer in vivid hue with a sharply tailored waist and matching flared pants will give you a sharp yet sophisticated look. Glam up your attire by pairing it with sleek heels, classiest bags and some stunning jewellery.

Black Skin-Hugging Long/Maxi Dress:

There was a time when wearing black at weddings was prohibited and was considered gloomy, but not anymore. In contemporary fashion, black is acceptable and the right choice for wedding ceremonies. Nothing can be classier than a sleek, skin-hugging long black gown; if you want to make an attention-grabbing sassy appearance, then this outfit should be your go-to thing. Flare up your overall look by adding the right accessories; some exotic flats or heels and a branded clutch would do the right job.


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