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Wedding Guide: Top 20 Mistakes Brides Make

As many married couples will probably tell you, the wedding planning process can be one of the most challenging things you could ever do. From big decisions such as finding the right wedding dress and picking a venue, to handling smaller tasks like issuing wedding invitations, it can be a lot to handle. As such, it is pretty easy to make mistakes that can put a damper on your wedding day. Here are the top 20 mistakes brides make, so you can know what to avoid.

1. Not giving yourself enough time

Whether it is a small gathering or a big bash, you need to give yourself enough time to plan your wedding properly. A rushed wedding will put guests and vendors in a time crunch, which will inevitably lead to mishaps on the day.

2. Not opting for a wedding planner

You may feel you can handle all the moving parts that come with wedding planning – until you find yourself overwhelmed by the numerous loose ends left to tie up. Wedding planners can be costly but extremely helpful. You can book one for a few days or even a few hours if money is a concern.

3. Crash dieting to fit into a dress

Trying to lose weight to fit into a wedding dress only a few weeks before your big day away can result in unnecessary stress. If you do feel you would look more stunning at a certain size, try getting into a fitness and healthy diet routine at least six months before your wedding.

4. Get hooked on one style of dress

You may have a particular wedding dress style in mind, but that does not mean it is the right fit for you. It is better to keep your options open by trying on various styles until you find the right one.

5. Leave the venue for last minute

The location of your wedding will have a huge influence on décor, seating arrangement, and even bridal attire. With that said, you want to pick your wedding venue as early as possible, and before choosing your decorations, flowers, or bridal dress.

6. Forgetting to make arrangements for your guests

If you have friends and family living far away, it will likely be expensive for them to attend your wedding. Ensure their comfort by making sure all their basic needs in terms of meals and transportation are met.

7. Not making a budget

Weddings are costly but they are manageable if you create a budget. So, unless money is not an issue for you, failing to make a budget from the get-go might leave you starting off your marriage in debt.

8. Your budget is too tight

A budget is a must, but it should have some wiggle room for unexpected and last-minute expenses. Include an additional 10% more than your estimated budget to ensure you can absorb extras and add-ons such as delivery fees and tips that can pop up.

9. DIY-ing it

You may think you can save money by taking care of the cake, decorations, and wedding invitations yourself. Or by having a friend with a camera cover photography. But your wedding can turn out to be a tacky affair if there is no professional touch.

10. Failure to involve your future in-laws

Parents of the bride and groom are often only too willing to help with wedding planning. If they are assisting with funding, they will likely expect to be involved, or at least have a say. Either way, prevent any friction by letting them offer advice and assistance where necessary.

11. Going too high-tech with invitations

It is easy to send wedding invitations and “Thank You” notes via WhatsApp or by email. However, people still crave the feel of physical mementos, so take the time to design and print, or even handwrite your invitations and notes to give that personal touch.

12. Dulling your ring bling

You want to ensure your diamond (or whatever stone you choose) is at its sparkling best on the day. Have your rings cleaned and well-kept, so they will stand out in your wedding photos.

13. Neglect nourishing your body on the day

It’s understandable that you will feel nervous and anxious on your wedding day, but that’s no excuse not to eat. As the bride, you want to look and feel energized for the duration of the ceremony and reception, so having a balanced breakfast, lunch, etc., is a must.

14. Skimping on hair and makeup

Every bride wants to be their most beautiful self on the day of their wedding. That being said, you should set aside ample time and money to ensure your hair, nails, and makeup are flawless.

15. Seating people based on marital status

There are bound to be single people at your wedding, but that does not mean separating them from the married folks. Your seating arrangement should be based on interests and familiarity.

16. Spending little time on your playlist

Music is a big part of creating wedding memories that last. Your playlist needs to be well thought out to ensure songs are appropriate and have the desired effect on the guests.

17. Neglecting to acknowledge your guests

Show your gratitude by taking the time to greet your guests after the reception dinner. You can also take care of this simple, but necessary gesture when you hand out your wedding favors.

18. Forgetting to feed the hired help

Vendors such as the photographer, DJ, decorator, and other hired help may not be a part of your guest list. But their participation will determine how successful your wedding day is, so you should factor in meals for all the hired help (at least one meal per person).

19. Putting too much pressure on yourself

Your wedding day should be a fun and enjoyable experience. With that said, putting too much pressure on yourself to have the “perfect day” can take the joy out of it. Once you have done all you need to do, just relax and let the magic happen.

20. Too much time between the ceremony and the reception

If there has to be a large time gap after the ceremony due to the reception venue being far away, for example, arrange for the guests to receive snacks, refreshments, and entertainment to keep the momentum going.

Now that you know some of the common mistakes brides make, it should be a bit easier to plan your big day. You and your fiancé can review the list above to ensure you are both well-prepared to exchange “I-dos.”


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