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Wedding Dress Shopping: Dos and Don'ts

One of the central aspects of the whole wedding planning process is finding your perfect wedding dress. Some brides go to one of the best dressmaking studios in Dublin and order a custom made dress; some prefer to go shopping for a ready-to-wear bridal dress, together with their friends and relatives. Whatever option you choose, you will find our dos and don't tips useful.


Shop Without A Wedding Date

It is crucial for a dressmaking studio consultant to know how much time is left to work on your perfect dress. Each dress has to be carefully altered. Thus, a short time frame will influence the available choices.

Order A Smaller Size

One of the most common mistakes is to hope to change your body till the wedding. Search for a dress that compliments your current figure, not the imaginary future one.

Have No Expectations

Do your homework before coming to a dressmaking studio or salon: get ready to tell what silhouettes and shapes suit you better. You should know what dresses make you feel the most confident and comfortable.

Bring Too Many People Along to Shop

Brides want to get some feedback on how they look wearing this or that dress, so they often bring their friends, siblings, close and distant family members. However, too many opinions may cause unnecessary confusion. Nobody knows better than the bride which dress is the one, so avoid having too many guests with you.

Have an Unrealistic Budget

It is easy to get overwhelmed by your guests’ pieces of advice. In case you do not have a firm budget to start with, you may end up purchasing the dress that is way over your expected maximum. Your wedding planning process should include defining your budget not only for the whole event but also precisely for your bridal dress.


Do Your Research

As mentioned before, take some time to explore the world of wedding dress styles, colours and shapes. Find out which style and colour will most likely suit your body type and complexion. One of the strategies is to find some models of similar appearance and check out the dresses they wear.

Try on A Reasonable Number of Dresses

Experts say it is enough to try on between 4 to 7 dresses. If you try more, you will only get confused.

Listen to A Shop-Assistant

They do have some experience, and they may have some unexpected suggestions. Give it a go, even if you never considered this style. Who knows, maybe a two-piece suit can show off your figure the best possible way?

Sit Down While Wearing the Dress

You will probably not only dance the whole night, so your bridal dress has to cope with less glamorous aspects of your day. Pay attention to its weight and how difficult it is to get in and out.

Take Your Time

Some brides are lucky to fall in love with the first dress they find in one of the best dressmaking studios in Dublin. However, if it is not your case, it is perfectly fine to take some extra time. Just make sure to start this process well ahead of the crucial date.

So, if you are in wedding planning mode right now, it is better to start searching for your dream dress. Set a clear budget, ask your closest friends to help you with choices and listen to what a shop assistant has to say.

Make sure you know what styles, colours and silhouettes suit your figure better. Last but not least, consider the comfort of the dress as you will spend the whole day wearing it!

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