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Some Guidelines for First Communion Dresses for Your Little Angel

Communion is an important holy ceremony for catholic children. The event is called to celebrate when a seven to eight-year-old child decides to obtain the teaching of God. It is a grand ceremony when many services are held in churches where boys are supposed to be dressed in nice slacks and bow ties, and girls usually wear white gowns.

Normally, in a communion event, some 30 to 40 children receive their first communion together, so sometimes there is a proper dress code guideline issued by the church for the purpose so that no one feels alienated.

This holy party involves a lot of effort since many guests are invited to the celebration and bless the girl with gifts and souvenirs. So, from the venue to the decorations and cake, organizing everything for this holy event can be daunting as it's not an ordinary family function. Everything needs to be perfect in the first communion event of your girl, but most importantly, it's her communion dress that needs to be the best.

Respect the Occasion

First and foremost, you need to respect the holiness of the ceremony, and the girls should be dressed decently and age-appropriately for this event. Secondly, the sobriety of the dress is also equally important as it's an event that involves religious customs and rituals, so the dress shouldn't be too showy and bridal-like but simple and elegant.

Lighter or Whiter is for The Day

Traditionally girls are expected to wear a white gown as their communion dress since white is the colour for modesty and purity. That's why most girls wear white on this day. However, there are other colours like ivory, and other lighter elegant hues can also be worn. The gown needs to be knee-length, considering it to be decent, with matching frilly socks and tights. There is some section of girls who prefer donning a veil on this day which is neither a requirement nor a compulsion but just a way to denote humility to God.

Some Dresses to Compliment the Occasion

Some of the most suggested communion dress designs are organza tulle, beaded illusion, sleeveless satin, and white taffeta embroidered dress. These are the most celebrated exquisitely designed dresses generally worn by young girls at their first communion ceremony.

Other Accessorizes

Too much adornment is not recommended for communion dresses as it might make them look too loud. However, to add further embellishment, you can make your girl wear nice and sophisticated shoes and some flower crown or fancy headbands to complete their attire.

Handmade Communion Dresses

The first communal dress can certainly be handcrafted by a skilled dressmaker. There are stores that make unique and versatile customized communal dresses that are crafted especially for the child. Moreover, in some families, grandparents of the family also make embroidered handmade dresses with pearl beads and extend tails for their granddaughter's communion.

Final Words

It is important that your little princess looks her very best on this special day. The guidelines above should help you narrow down your search for the right First Communion dress.

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