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Giga’s Dos & Don’ts of Planning a Wedding During COVID-19

If you’re trying to plan a wedding during COVID-19, our hearts go out to you. The uncertainty is ongoing, and whether you’re re-planning a wedding you were forced to postpone, trying to work out how to go ahead even with the existing restrictions, or just dipping a tentative toe into the wedding planning water for the first time under these difficult circumstances, it’s overwhelming, to say the least.

Below you’ll find the lowdown on the biggest do’s and don’ts of planning a wedding during COVID-19 – no matter what stage of the process you’ve reached so far.

DO: Be Realistic with Your Date

If you want to be 99% sure and not have to postpone your date you really should be considering dates for 2022. You don't want the uncertainty and stress if you can avoid it. If you already have a date, make sure that you are transparent with your suppliers, this can only play in your favour if things need to be changed.

DON’T: Bury Your Head in the Sand

Being overly optimistic is not the best right now. Unfortunately, in a time where you should be enjoying this process, you need to be particularly realistic and be honest with yourself. Keep your communication channels with your partner and suppliers open. Do not bury your head in the sand – nothing will get done – and that would be the worst!

DO: Figure Out Finances

Budget planning should be your first port of call regardless. Once you know what finances you have to work with and confirm any family contributions, you can start to research suppliers who fit your style and budget.

Avoid making any big financial outlays, especially if you haven't bought any wedding insurance, which can be difficult to get right now as many insurers are not offering any. By all means pay deposits to secure your suppliers but be clear on their terms and conditions around postponements and cancellations – now is not the time to avoid reading the fine print!

DO: Work on Your Guest List

If your date is fast approaching and you want to maximise the amount of people you can still include, ‘one way of getting to see more people on your wedding day is separating family and friends into separate bubbles and invite each bubble to a different part of your day.

Within the bubbles, keep people who are already seeing each other together and remember you need enough space to allow for social distancing. Outdoor spaces will be really beneficial, so explore any outdoor options.

DO: Reach Out to Suppliers

COVID-19 has meant a lot of postponed weddings, and for many suppliers the next year has double the number of weddings than normal to accommodate this – so don't miss out on getting the photographer you want or securing the next best.

DO: Focus on What You Can Do

You can move forward with flower consultations, tastings and more so long all socially distanced and hold your food tasting al-fresco (weather permitting). Many other suppliers can be engaged and consulted virtually via email, phone or, if you are very on trend, ‘Zoomed’ – from photographers to stationers to entertainers. With hopefully more free time, as not socialising as much, or perhaps no commute to work if working from home, in many ways there is no better time to get planning your big day.

DON’T: Book Without Checking the Terms

You do need to ensure your vendors have added in a clause in their terms should your wedding date need to be moved should the pandemic interrupt your planned date.

Each vendor will have different terms, but typically they should be agreeing that should your new date be within a certain time frame there is no additional charge to move the date. However, should there be a charge, find out what that will be.

When speaking to your suppliers, make sure you’re very clear on what their policy on postponement, cancellation, or guest list reduction would be in the event that any of this is needed, and how the consequences change if these contractual revisions are triggered by you, them, or the government.

DO: Remember the Bigger Picture

Take a deep breath and remind yourself that you can do this. With some patience, courage, ingenuity, and flexibility, you’ll still be able to have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

Treat this as an opportunity to prioritise the things that mean the most to you. And if you need to take some time to process, that’s absolutely fine.

It’s completely understandable to feel emotional about postponing your wedding date – you might be feeling confused, sad, disappointed, or angry, and all of that is real and valid. No one could have anticipated something like this affecting your wedding, and you are not alone in fighting the emotions that have resulted from it. It’s okay to feel the way that you’re feeling.

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