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Flattering Debs Dress for Your Body Shape

Whether you want to be seen in a hot red debs dress or an unreal custom-made dress from the best dressmaking studio in Dublin, one of the main factors to take into account when searching for a perfect outfit is your body shape. The right dress will have all the cameras on you. If you want to make a red carpet entrance in a next-level hot debs dress, check out our body type guide!


A body with a smaller chest and large hips is a pear-shaped frame. Your hips are the main feature, protruding out more than your bust and waist. Consider balancing your look by accentuating your shoulders and bust.

Look for illusion or crystal neckline dresses that are perfect for drawing attention upward. At the same time, avoid ball gown skirts that will make your bottom half seem even wider.


To conceal your undefined midsection, search for a prom dress with the patterned top half or an empire waist silhouette. Fuller skirts, A-line silhouettes, strapless dresses, solid colours will also help de-emphasize your middle.

Go for a solid strapless red debs dress for a dramatic look! However, stay away from anything too fitted or belted. These outfits will bring the eye directly to the area you’re trying to disguise.


When you have a larger bust and narrow hips, it can obscure your waistline. That’s why such women look so amazing in fuller skirts that equalize your frame. You will seem even more ‘hourglass’ if you manage to shift the focus up toward the face.

When choosing a perfect debs dress, search for a dress with high necklines and A-line skirts that can help add dimension around your bottom half. Stay away from strapless gowns and super short dresses as they can amplify your bust.


There are plentiful options for plus-sized girls. The most important thing is to pick which feature you would like to highlight. You may opt for a dress with cap sleeves to make the arms appear more slender.

If you love your legs, why not drawing special attention to them by wearing a shorter dress? Although flowing gowns are universally flattering, do not miss an opportunity to create a custom made dress in a dressmaking studio if you have the possibility to do so! Make sure you can show off your bold confidence. Ignore dresses that lack fit, as too much fabric will make your look seem bulky and unflattering.


These are the girls with boyish and slender figures. In general, they have two options: create their curves or embrace their slim frame. Go for a fitted dress to display your natural shape if you’re slim throughout.

You can also use a prom dresses with a colour blocking or loose waist. Another tip is to add dimension with a high slit or one-shoulder neckline. Avoid shimmery or shiny outfits that will emphasize your limbs and bones.


Usually, the goal here is to elongate your silhouette. One of the best ways to support a smaller frame is to show a lot of legs. Moreover, asymmetry in the lower edge of the skirt might also give the illusion of height.

Vertical pleats and prints can further trick the eyes a bit. Avoid full-length prom dresses and ball gowns as they can swallow you up.


A great number of cuts work perfectly well with this frame. Choose something fitted through the waist and at the top. Mermaid gowns can emphasize your shape. Steer clear from empire dresses that can camouflage your natural curves.

Every girl wants to find the perfect prom dress she feels wildly confident in. Is it going to be a bold red debs dress or a mermaid-style custom made dress? If you plan on going to a dressmaking studio in Dublin and choose ‘the one,’ follow our body type guide to make sure you show off only your best features.


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